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光 (hikari)
tabletop lamp with geometric light diffuser


I grew up in Japan surrounded by amazing examples of craftsmanship and woodworking. My design ethos stems from my childhood environment, so for this project, I drew inspiration from a staple of Japanese architecture; shōji. Made from wood and washi paper, shōji screens serve as movable dividers in traditional Japanese buildings and structures. The diffusive properties of washi paper create soft lighting and transform spaces into serene atmospheres.

For this lighting project, I borrowed a few of the characteristics of shōji to inform my design. By combining traditional and modern techniques, I recreated the iconic soft lighting of shōji screens. I also mimicked the movable aspect by incorporating a portable element into my design.

scene - Copy.png


The geometric yet organic lamps designed by Issei Miyake, Isamu Noguchi, and George Nelson heavily influenced my design.

form exploration

key sketch

surface texturing

I experimented with different folding techniques to create organic forms.

final prototype

After consideration, I decided to create a simple cylindrical form using the Yoshimura create pattern.


final product

光 (hikari) gives off a bright, yet balanced glow that creates a relaxing environment.

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