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水 (sui)
rechargeable dining light with charging dock


Water is a unique compound. In addition to its importance to vitality, water has the ability to take on many forms. Depending on its state, water can have a wide range of visual characteristics.

水 (sui) embodies the physical properties of water through texturing and form. The inner light is inspired by water when it is frozen. The external glass forms represent the surface tension of water and the different ripples that are created when it is disturbed. When the two pieces are combined, they are reminiscent of ice forms floating in a cocktail glass and how the cold drink frosts the glass.

As a digital centerpiece, Sui harmonizes with the table setting. It is made to replace the traditional tea light and plays into the long relationship between glassware and dining. When placed throughout a large space, Sui creates a landscape of different, yet related lights.

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