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My Process

Although every project is unique, the following six steps are a crucial part of my design process. Each step helps to grow the idea from a simple inspiration to a refined design.

写真 12-12-23 午前8 12 29.jpg

exploration - taking a step back and looking around /

asking questions / being curious

写真 9-19-21 午後3 05 01.jpg

experimentation - trying new manufacturing techniques /

using unfamiliar materials

sketch final.jpg

idea generation - looking for desirable solutions through conversations with stakeholders

Week 8.jpg

form development - demonstrating thoughtfulness through the intentional placement of every line / refining proportions

写真 6-11-23 午後2 40 22.jpg

showcase - presenting the final design / explaining the narrative and inspiration / answering questions

My favorite step is form development because I enjoy the process of refining and simplifying designs.

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