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teaching children to appreciate device-free downtime

As a youth mentor, I've noticed that because of their inherent characteristics, mobile devices can be extremely attractive and addictive for children. Research shows that child phone usage continues to increase at an alarming rate.

the story

42% of children spend 30+ hours on cell phones per week

53% of children in the United States own a smartphone by the age of 11.


On top of this, I've observed parents using mobile devices to pacify their children. Although this may provide a short term solution, it doesn't teach children positive behaviors and coping mechanisms.

In order to teach children to grow up without overusing technology, I decided to create a piece of furniture that gives them their own space to relax and destress.

scene edit.png

the design objective

Create a space for children to destress without electronic devices.


form exploration


final product

子供 (kodomo) creates a space for children to be themselves without unnecessary distractions.

blue 2.124.png

standard colorways: recycled plastic + fabric cusions

blue 2.129.png

premium option: maple + wool cushions

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